I have written two novels set in the late Roman and early Dark Age period, and two more set around the end of the Cold War. A fifth, ‘The Checklist’, is coming in late 2020.

Women of the Dark Ages Series

Cover of Wise Woman novel by RA Forde. Image shows a young redheaded woman against a backdrop of craggy coastline.

Wise Woman

On the remote edge of a crumbling Roman Empire, a young woman is compelled to make a heart-wrenching choice between friendship, lover and faith.

Brittany, 443AD. Forced to flee a Britain beset by Saxon marauders, Keri and her mother seek refuge at the court of King Gradlon of Kemper. Keri grows up under the protection of the court, forming a strong bond with Gradlon’s wayward daughter, Princess Dahut.

With Western Europe harried by invaders and divided by conflict between the Church and the Old Religion, the girls shelter in the coastal city of Ys. They meet Megan the wise-woman, who teaches them her ways. But the priests hate the wise-woman and her ancient religion and are determined to crush it.

King Gradlon, newly converted to Christianity, makes a gift of the city of Ys to Dahut, to rule in his name. When Keri discovers that Dahut plots to seize the whole kingdom, she fears she cannot support this treachery, which endangers their lifelong friendship. As war threatens to erupt between King and Princess, their religious and political differences come to a head – and the King’s fanatical adviser, Bishop Corentin, is determined to finally destroy this rebellious pagan outpost, whatever the cost…

Cover of The Dream of Macsen, novel by RA Forde. Image shows a Roman soldier looking out across a wooded valley.

The Dream of Macsen

He made her Empress of half the world. He wanted more…

It is 380 AD. Daughter of a minor provincial governor in Segontium (modern Caernarvon), Helena marries Magnus Maximus, the commander of Roman forces in Britain.

Borne on a tide of events which see the victorious Macsen acclaimed as emperor by the British and being accepted as joint emperor in the West, Helena finds herself neglected, betrayed, and finally captured by her husband’s enemies.

As Macsen goes to war, seeking the ultimate prize of being sole emperor, she hardly knows whether to pray for his survival or his demise at the battlefront.

Events come to a cataclysmic conclusion as Macsen faces his old friend Theodosius in a final battle for the Empire, and all their lives hang in the balance.

Century of Turmoil Series

Cover off Berlin Rendezvous, novel by RA Forde. Cover image shows black textured backdrop with title, tagline and picture of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

Berlin Rendezvous

What would you risk to save a stranger?

That is the question that faces Diana in this Cold War thriller set in West Berlin.

She has found that her independent spirit has not gone down well with a stuffy traditional community, including her officer husband Nick. Army wives don’t have careers, and don’t question the status quo.

But before she finds the answer, she will have grappled with threats far more terrifying than any she has yet faced, from factions who all have an ideology at stake. Terrorists, the East German secret police, West German criminals, and anti-reformist Russian forces will all be involved, each with their own agenda. And a night at the opera will end with a gun battle in the streets of the divided city.

Cover of The Devil's Issue, novel by RA Forde. Cover image shows black textured backdrop with title, tagline and picture of young woman in white shirt, with her long dark hair blowing across her face.

The Devil’s Issue

Is Susan crazy? Surely she must be: why else would she see things that don’t exist, such as the Devil flying across the face of the moon?

As Susan’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, it threatens her marriage and ultimately her freedom.

Help comes in the unlikely form of Vera Batyushkova, a mysterious Russian scientist who seems to know a great deal about Susan’s problems. Maybe Vera also knows why a seemingly harmless old man was killed on nearby Olburgh Moor.

But the British Secret Service is also involved, in the form of the sinister Mr Marlow, who has an agenda of his own.

Before Susan can be sure of her sanity, she will have to take on all of these, and try to bring down one of the darkest projects of the Cold War to protect her family.

Standalone Novels

Cover of The Checklist, upcoming novel by RA Forde. Cover image shows dark textured background with title, author name and pale blue 'Coming Soon' banner.

The Checklist

My latest novel, coming soon!

Non Fiction

Bad Pyschology

How Forensic Psychology Left Science Behind

For decades the psychological assessment and treatment of offenders has run on invalid and untested programmes. Robert A. Forde exposes the current ineffectiveness of forensic psychology that has for too long been maintained by individual and commercial vested interests, resulting in dangerous prisoners being released on parole, and low risk prisoners being denied it, wasting enormous amounts of public money.

Challenging entrenched ideas about the field of psychology as a whole, and how it should be practised in the criminal justice system, the author shows how effective changes can be made for more just decisions, and the better rehabilitation of offenders into society, while significantly reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

This is a fearless account calling for a return to scientific evidence in the troubled field of forensic psychology.